Terms of Use


TopGradeSoft is the company with a strict commitment to the privacy of our clients. We delicately treat every tiny piece of your personal data that is collected by our services.

You need to remember that your conversation with our specialists will always be used only for purposes of better understanding between us and as a result the more detailed, elaborate and exact task to carry out. The best performance of our cooperation is possible due to our commitment and your trust.

We ensure the security of your personal data. Any kind of unauthorized use or disclosure is not possible. We guarantee that with our services your data is well protected.

We assure you that every time when we need to collect your personal data we will ask your permission to do that. All the information that is stored with us will never be used as your identification. The data is kept safely and is seen by authorized staff only.

We would like to remind you that any transmission of your login data to the third parties is not recommended by us. In this case we can’t guarantee the safety of your personal account.

All the other things are good with us.