1. 2006 Great news! In the market of IT services appeared a new software outsourcing company TopGradeSoft! We are the team of professional developers, designers, SEO specialists who really like our work. Our company provides software development, web development, and SEO services. Be our client and see for yourself all the advantages of working with TopGradeSoft!


  1. 2006 Our young company recruits new employees in order to provide you with more quality services. TopGradeSoft is growing every day. We have the first satisfied clients and our team is not going to rest on our laurels. We become more experienced with each successfully finished project. Trust us and receive only the best IT services.


  1. 2006-12 We have worked for nearly a year and it’s time to take stock of. The year is finished successfully for our company. We have finished the several dozen projects. Our team has become more friendly and cohesive in recent months. In one word, TopGradeSoft is steadily growing and improve its positions in the market of IT services.


  1. 2007 Our team came up with the crazy idea to write software for payment systems, using innovative technologies. We have a lot of good ideas. Now we are working on their implementation. Follow our news and find out first about our new software!


  1. 2007-12 The current fiscal year comes to an end. It was very difficult and saturated for our company but we have successfully coped with all the challenges. Our team has become more experienced and our clients – more satisfied. The name of our company has become more recognizable. Stay with us and improve your business with TopGradeSoft!


  1. 2008 We are pleased to announce you that TopGradeSoft has developed E-Currency Exchanger! It’s very helpful tool for making money on the Internet. You can easily and quickly exchange and transfer your funds from one e-wallet to another. E-Currency Exchanger supports PayPal, Credit Card and e-Bullion.


  1. 2008 Our team is in a hurry to share the good news! New E-Currency Exchanger 1.1 was developed! Now you have an opportunity to work with Liberty Reserve and Webmoney. A support of e-Bullion was stopped because the company was fraud and it taken down on August 5, 2008.


  1. 2008 TopGradeSoft has the good news! We have opened a new comfortable office in the USA. Now our employees have better conditions in order to provide you with the best IT services. Our company is growing every day!



  1. 2009 Today our company has become older. We have worked in the market of IT services for three years! A lot of companies do not maintain such a period and close, but our professional team coped with all the difficulties and remained on the market. Thanks for your trust. It makes us stronger and better. TopGradeSoft is your reliable assistant in the world of IT services.


  1. 2009 Multilevel marketing on the Internet is very popular nowadays. Following the trend, TopGradeSoft starts developing the unique script for MLM companies. It allows implement marketing without any difficulties. Each user has own page with all information: personal data, photo, account balance, invited people etc.



  1. 2009 We got closer to our customers. Now our company can be found in the social networks Facebook and Vkontakte.ru. You can communicate with us, express own opinion and offer something new and interesting. Besides, you will always be up to date with the latest news of the world of information technologies and events that take place in our company.
  2. 2009-12 2009 is coming to an end and it’s time to take stock of its success. The year has passed in the throes of creative and productive solutions. Our team has delivered many business applications and websites and the year ended well financially for our company.
  3. 2010 The newest statistics show that our software outsourcing company becomes more recognizable. Hundreds of our satisfied customers and consistently high quality of our services did their job. If you’re still not one of our clients, we strongly recommend to be and to feel all the advantages of software and web development with TopGradeSoft.
  4. 2010 Our company recruits new employees. If you are young and perspective software or web developer, designer, SEO specialist, send us your CV. We will be glad to take new professional in our friendly team.
  5. 2010 TopGradeSoft is in a hurry to share with you the grand news. Our professional team has begun work on a new CMS. We hope it will be easy to use and functional.
  6. 2010-12 2010 is almost over and we can safely say about all its events. The year has been particularly successful for our company. We started developing of own CMS, our staff is substantially filled with new talents. Moreover, the name of our company became more recognizable. All these achievements make us happy and inspire us to new victories.
  7. 2011 Congratulations! TopGradeSoft celebrates its first anniversary – 5 years in the market of IT services. Today all our staff invited to the corporate evening! It’ll be cool!
  8. 2011 Good news! TopGradeSoft has own business partners.
  9. 2011 We want to tell you about our partner NetEra Studio. They are extra specialists in the Internet marketing sphere. You can trust their great experience in the world of IT services.
  10. 2012 Today we release a trial version of our CMS system. It already has a set of core functions and simple user interface. Our CMS will be actively tested and improved.
  11. 2012 TopGradeSoft has improved our MLM product. We spent a lot of business meetings with the leaders of the top MLM companies. All their recommendations and wishes were taken into account. Our specialists have made some structural and visual changes in order to provide more effective and reliable work of the script and make it more understandable among users.
  12. 2012 We have expanded the list of our services. Now you can order Python and Ruby on Rails development and Server Administration services.
  13. 2012 The website of our company was redesigned in order to provide higher usability.
  14. 2013 Our creative team has many plans and innovative ideas. We hope that we have the strength to implement them in the near future and make our customers more happily.
  15. 2013 TopGradeSoft has improved E-Currency Exchanger to the version 1.2 and it became multilingual! You can choose any language and work without any difficulties with translation. Besides, our updated Exchanger supports Perfect Money. Liberty Reserve was deleted from the list because it was closed in May 2013.

Our updated E-Currency Exchanger 1.2 supports operations with PayPal, Credit Card, Webmoney and Perfect Money. It will be your reliable assistant in the world of E-money!


  1. 2013 Our company starts to develop Android applications. Therefore we need talented junior and middle Android developers. The basic requirements: higher education, experience in OOP, creativity and reliability. We are forward to your CV.
  2. 2013 We have the good news! Our MLM script became better! In the updated version you have an opportunity to choose the type of matrix and you have an access to the new payment systems. Besides, the interface became more beautiful and convenient. The unique MLM script by TopGradeSoft is your key to success in MLM business!
  3. 2014 We have a new business partner – Tongo Host! It’s a fast and stable web hosting for business purposes which guarantees a safety of your data.
  4. 2014 Good news! Our E-Currency Exchanger starts support LiqPay and PrivatBank. Now you have more opportunities in work with our application.
  5. 2014 TopGradeSoft actively tests our MLM product. A new updates will be available soon.